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About the Owner

Kimberly Montoya

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Mandala flower

My story and how I started this business is a little bit unique. I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ and have spent 10 years working for an amazing software company. Although I love my work, I've always felt as though I was missing an important component in my life. I am so passionate about all things beauty, but I always believed it was too far of a stretch to leave a great job and make a major shift into the beauty industry. 


PermaGlam began as just a sparkle in my eye until my incredible husband offered his full support as I turned it into a reality. My gorgeous clients are all the motivation I need to be the best in permanent makeup, enhancing natural and unique beauty one face at a time :).


My #1 goal is to ensure client satisfaction by gaining a clear understanding of my clients' goals and also by utilizing my artistic vision to provide a truly customized experience and result. Reach out to learn more about the services offered!

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