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Permanent Makeup Services

What are the different procedures and how are they done?

Before and After

Eye Brow Procedures

POWDER BROWS: There are several techniques for permanent eyebrow makeup, and even more names out there for each technique. Here is an explanation of the different types of permanent brows: Powder brows are done using machine work to create custom microshading, depending on the client's brow goals. The powder brow look can be soft and sheer, all the way to dark and bold. If you normally fill in your brows with pencil or powder and prefer a more makeup-like look, powder brows may be for you! 

MICROBLADING: On the other hand, microblading is a great choice for those looking for a more natural appearance and to fill in sparse areas. Microblading can be combined with microshading to create an even more defined and full look.

OMBRE BROWS: Ombre brows are essentially powder brows with additional design work to create a beautiful gradient appearance.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner can save so much time getting ready in the mornings! Whether you are looking for a simple, lash-enhancing liner just along the lash line, or a designer wing, we can get you PermaGlammed! 

Eyeliner application
Permanent Eyebrows

Perfection Visits & Color Boosts 

After an initial permanent makeup session with me, it is strongly encouraged to return for a perfection visit in 6-8 weeks. During the perfection visit, we will discuss the healed results of the shape and color and can make any adjustments needed. Perfection visits and color boosts are for prior PermaGlam clients, only. If you have had previous work done by another artist, then we will treat the first visit as an initial session or color correction.

Permanent Lip Color

Lip color procedures, like all other procedures, are completely tailored to your unique traits and desired outcome. Options include anything from a simple lip liner, to lip blushing, or full lip color. Each technique can give the illusion of a fuller lip, but ink pigment does not extend outside of the natural lip border. We will discuss what you would like to accomplish with a lip procedure and come up with the best design and technique for you.

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