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Price List

Prices shown below are for initial sessions, only. Most clients will need a 6-8 week touch up, which is $75 on any procedure. Touch up pricing is for existing clients only and cannot be booked later than 8 weeks after first session. Phone/Text/Email consultations can be done by submitting a photo of the area you would like the permanent makeup applied. 

Powder/Ombre` Brows

$400 (reg. $475)


$400 (reg. $475)

Color/Shape Correction

Price varies, must submit picture

Eyeliner (Top Only)


Annual Touch Up (Brows or Lips)


Nano Brows

$400 (reg. $475)

Combo Brows

$400 (reg. $500)

Lip Blushing

$450 (reg. $500)

6 Month Touch Up


12+ Month Touch Up (Eyeliner)


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