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Price List

Prices shown below are for initial sessions, only. Most clients will need one 6-12 week touch up, which is $200 on any procedure. Touch up pricing is for existing clients only and cannot be booked later than 12 weeks after first session.


If you are unsure of which brow style will best suit you, we can discuss and decide before or during your appointment. Phone/Text/Email consultations can be done by submitting a photo of the area you would like the permanent makeup applied.

Powder/Ombre` Brows

$550 (reg. $650)


$550 (reg. $650)

Color/Shape Correction

Starting at $650

Eyeliner (Top Lash line Only)


Annual Touch Up (Brows or Lips)


Nano Brows

$550 (reg. $650)

Combo Brows

$550 (reg. $650)

Lip Blushing

$650 (reg. $750)

6 Month Touch Up


12+ Month Touch Up (Eyeliner)


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